San Felipe is located in the so-called silver villages; this name is due to de fact that this route was used to transport silver and precious jewels in Roman times. Hacienda San Felipe is more than three centuries old, and since then the activity of producing “the olive” has been developed. The estate has 432 ha. It is divided into two very different areas: 180 ha. of olive groves and the rest is pasture where the cattle graze. Furthermore, the aberquina olive is milled in order to extract the highest quality olive oil and then it is packed with our own brand. The estate has two different kinds of livestock farming, the horse (Yeguada Carrión) and the cattle farming. Additionally, in the estate, which is more than three centuries old, you can find our facilities for horses such as stables, harness-room, carriage museum, horse pens, etc. and also premises where leisure activities are held. In the same sense, in the middle of the olive grove and twenty meters away from the Hacienda, we can find a magnificent villa with huge living rooms and bedrooms in a rustic style. It was built by the well-known architect Aníbal González who also designed the Plaza de España in Seville. The chalet was built in 1929 concurring with the first International Exposition held in Seville.