Hacienda San Felipe is situated in the so-called villages of “La Plata”, a denomination stemming from the Roman times, when this region was crossed by the “Ruta de la Plata” (route of silver), a road used for the transportation of silver and jewels. Hacienda San Felipe is more than 3 centuries old and from the beginning the production of olives has been outstanding. The hacienda spreads over 432 hectares, 180 of which are intended for olive groves and the rest are meadows where cattle peacefully graze. Olives of the Arbequina variety are here pressed for the extraction of top of the line oil, which is also bottled with our own trade mark. On the other hand, two different distinctive stock herds are extensively raised in the Hacienda: genuine beef cattle and pure-bred Spanish horses (Carrion Herd –Yeguada Carrion)In the middle of the Hacienda stands a more than 300 year old stately home where facilities for horses can be found: stables, barns, manege grounds, courtyards, etc. In this building there are also some areas where leisure activities are carried out.Just 20 meters from the main mansion, in the middle of an olive grove, a noble manor is located. This exhibits large halls and rooms of a rustic kind and was designed by the prestigious architect Mr. Anibal Gonzalez, one of his most important works is Plaza de España, in Seville. This manor was built in 1929, coinciding with the first Universal Exhibition celebrated in Seville