Equestrian Shows

We offer any kind of equestrian show with horses of Yeguada Carrión, direct heirs of one of the most distinguished and well-known horse lineage.

Vaquera Dressage / Classical Dressage

It consists on showing all the horse disciplines, while the music plays, and an expert in the field explain the performance

La Piara

We show you all the mares and colts recently born which graze freely in the country.

Cobra de Yeguas

It is a traditional Spanish form of tying three or more mares together. Among the numerous farming chores in which the horse played a vital role, we can highlight the trilla, a technique consisting on separating the grain from the straw.

Horse Carriages

We possess a carriage museum with ancient coaches which participate annually in the Carriage Exhibition of the Real Maestranza in Seville.

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