Nearly thirty thousand olive trees of the manzanilla, gordal and arbequina kinds stand all around our homestead. This landscape full of harmony and singular colours leads visitors to a journey into the very roots of our land. Moreover, in Hacienda San Felipe we deal with olives with great care: we season them to be consumed and press them for high quality oil extraction, an essence that is bottled with our own trade mark.

Hacienda San Felipe is located near Gerena. This beautiful village has a total surface of 129 km2 (coordinates: 37º 31′ N, 6º 09′ W) and belongs to the regions called “Ruta de la Plata” and “Sierra Norte”.
The surroundings are rich in archaeological finds from the prehistoric period (Neolithic silos in the so-called “Mesa de Carrasco” and in “El Esparragal”), Iberian (profuse Iberian ceramic finds) and Roman (very abundant rests found in the orchards located by Guadiamar River, the springs of which were used to build the weir and the aqueduct of Italica; rests of walls and thermae by the hydraulic complex of “Fuente de los Caños”).